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Crawling back from destination burnout in Bleeding Honesty.

With black humour, tongue in cheek How to Guides and tales from the Abyss.


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Graveyard Crow

BNS 8: Sex

Sheilas and copping a root, etiquette and respect Blokes and copping a root, etiquette & respect. Sex should be fun, so don’t be stupid...

BNS 7: Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol Getting pissed Breathalysers How much to drink? Rural hospitals & costs of ambulance Do you have a problem? What's the Damage?...

BNS 6: The actual Ball

The ball Set up A couple of live bands and maybe a DJ play in the dance area, which is normally in an agricultural shed or a temporary...

BNS 5: Carpark pre party

Pre-party​ Attire​ Entertainment Campfires Utes, 4WD, vehicles City bogans, for balls close to the city Country B&S balls Pre-party Once...

BNS 4: Camping

Camping, campsite respect & campfires. There is bound to be some wanker with sticky fingers, so lock up your valuables.

BNS 3: History

Originally in the 1800s, Bachelors and Spinsters Balls were formal events held in a local hall to mix singles from the countryside.

BNS 2: Running Amok

A ball is only what you make it. A few people go hoping to find love, heaps go for a root, but many just go to hang out with mates.

BNS 1: What is it?

BNS: B&S or Bachelors and Spinsters ball, basically the quintessential Aussie, rough and readt shingdig community fundraiser.


You put your foot on the brake and the accelerator at the same time, and investigate the physics of friction. You get a hell of a lot of smo

​How to cause road rage: intro

The great failing of an individual’s emotional control and anger management. But is it so individualistic? For some, maybe. But by using t

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