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Utes, boots & roots

BNS: B&S or Bachelors and Spinsters ball, or Blokes and Sheilas ball —take your pick.


A bleeding honest, comprehensive review of the quintessential Aussie shindig 

Warning: it involves some expletives as is fitting for a BNS, and is blunt in the discussion about alcohol & drugs and sex.

  1. What is it?
  2. Running amok: Why people go?

  3. History

  4. Camping

  5. Carpark pre-party

  6. The BALL

  7. Alcohol & drugs

  8. SEX

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Bns Ball Dates And Ute Shows

Comprehensive facebook page with frequently updated BNS date as well as  ute musters and rodeos

BNS Balls Official Information

"This [facebook] page is administered by members of each BNS Ball Committee represented on this facebook page - A way to show you that we all work together."

B&S Balls (Country B&S Balls)

Facebook page "Run by 2 admins in WA and Qld, this site aims to keep the BNS scene still going and promotes the events so those keen to attend will know whats on. For over 15 years, the admins have a passion for keeping people upto date with the information .


"CBNS has been collecting Historical B&S info for the past 15 years so that future generations can see what we used to get up to and how B&S Balls have raised much needed funds for small towns communities, charities and vital country services and provided a much needed social avenue for 18+ men and women to let their hair down and offload some of the stresses associated with isolate living and catch up with friends from far distances."

The BNS's

The balls are run by volunteer organistaions. Some are run annually like clockwork, others meet difficulties (council red tape, lack of hands etc), so refer to the ball links (left) or the individual ball's pages below, where available, for dates.

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