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Buried by burnout and crawling towards the light

with bleeding honesty, black humour & satire

How to Guides, Reviews and Tales from the Abyss.

Graveyard Crow

Where the Guides, Tales & Reviews are published first.

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Who is

Sister Sanguinista?


Salutations my wicked fiends!


I'm an Australian  animal lover, horror genre fiend and intensive care nurse.


I've been to destination burn out, on a decade's long journey in the intensive care unit. And I am crawling back through the grace of the natural world, black humour, satire and fiction.

The result is the Bleeding Honest, satirical or serious: How to Guides, Reviews and Tales—based on ICU nursing, life experience, and the horror & fantasy genres.

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Black humour satirical to serious, tongue in cheek "How to Guides" to do anything & everything.


Tales from the Abyss, from the horror & fantasy genres, and real life—which is often the most unbelievable.


Reviews of books, movies in the horror/fantasy genre.


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